Sunday, April 30, 2006

Daniel Howard-Snyder's Critique of the Trilemma Argument

Christian philosopher Daniel Howard-Snyder has published a critique of the trilemma argument. LINK (PDF)


Hallq said...


Sorry to use this comments thread for this purpose, but I've no other way to get in contact with you. In your review of Ravi Zacharias, you recommend readers get a copy of video of a debate between Robert M. Price and Craig Blomberg. I contacted UCCS, and neither their library nor the public library had a copy. Any idea how I could get one?

bbowen737 said...


Thanks for pointing out this article. I have only looked at the first few pages, but it looks well done and very interesting. The Trilemma is one of about three key arguments for Christianity, so a careful critique of this argument is of great importance, and is much appreciated.